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Why Sewer Line Camera Inspections are So Important

Whenever we get a call about backed up sewer lines we reach for one piece of equipment above all others: our fiber-optic digital inspection camera. This is because going to a plumber is a lot like going to a physician. Plumbers who try to fix problems without diagnosing them cause more problems in the long run.

The camera is attached to the end of a long cable which we can run down your pipes. This is a non-invasive procedure; we run it through the sewer overflow pipe just outside your home. All we need do is unscrew the cap and lower the line inside. You don’t have to worry that we’ll be running heavy duty equipment down your toilets, for example.

You may have even seen the overflow pipe for yourself: it’s a wide PVC pipe with a cap on it that juts out of the earth, usually on the side of the house. When you’re in the middle of a sewer emergency you can even open it up while you’re waiting for us so the mess doesn’t flow into your house.

Once the camera is in place we can exactly what is clogging the line and where it is being clogged. We typically run the camera all the way to the street before we leave a house.

Some plumbers don’t bother with cameras, and that’s a problem.

Another plumber might show up, place a cutter on the line, snake it, and leave. Sometimes you’ll get lucky when he does this. But often, you’ll experience temporary relief, only to have another emergency 30 days later.

Here’s why…cutters can punch a hole through a clog that’s doomed to return. If you’ve got tree roots in your sewer lines they’re just going to come right back. No plumber can know precisely what the problem is if they don’t run the camera to see. In addition, no plumber can be sure he’s taken care of all the problems in your lines if he can’t see for himself.

In addition, by failing to bring a camera these plumbers miss the opportunity to pinpoint other trouble spots in your line. We feel like it’s important to make sure that we know exactly what’s happening before we leave your house so we can make a diagnosis on what needs to be done so you can enjoy trouble-free plumbing in the future.

Keeping you informed.

Furthermore, bringing the camera tells you that we aren’t joking when we tell you the sewer line is going to need a repair sooner rather than later. You’ll be able to see the roots for yourself. You’ll be able to see the way the water flowing through your pipes slows and stalls at this specific point in the line. It will all be right there on the screen for you to evaluate.

This will allow you to make informed decisions about your home. Do you pay for the quick fix that lets you use your faucets and toilets again, knowing you’ll have to do it all over again in 30 to 60 days?

Or do you bite the bullet and pay for the sewer line repair? This must be your decision. You’re the only one who knows what your finances can tolerate. You’re also the only one who knows whether you can live with repeat plumbing problems. But it’s nice to know you’re not just taking our word for it when you take out your checkbook. It’s also nice to know the problem really will be fixed when you pay to have the work done.

Don’t work with plumbers who want you to take their word for it.  Call On The Way to get the professionalism and transparency you deserve.