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Tucson Water Softener Installation – Water Softener Repair in Tucson

Tucson Water Softener Installation A

What is a water softener?

A water softener is a home appliance that use a process called ion exchange to remove things such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and manganese from water and replace them with sodium ions. These minerals are present in the water and dissolved can cause scaly build-ups on everything from your dishes, appliances, pipes, and water heater. Causing leaks and appliances to fail to early. A water softener uses an ion exchange to remove these hard water minerals, during the exchange hard water minerals become trapped in the resin tank and replaced for sodium ions. Once this exchange is completed your home is being supplied with soft water. Depending on your location the hardness of your water can vary.  If you are interested in knowing the exact number, calling your local water company to get the level of hardness or scheduling an appointment with On The Way Plumbing to have your water tested are some of your options.

These are some signs you currently have hard water in your home:

  • Water Marks on faucets or counter tops
  • Lime Build-up on tile and shower walls
  • Dishes stain or have lots of water stains
  • Faucet handles are harder to turn
  • Frequently replacing faucet and shower cartridges
  • Clothing colors fading much faster
  • Water has a bad taste or smell
  • Appliances such as dishwasher, water heater and washer break much sooner than expected

Benefits Of Installing A Tucson Water Softener

  • Softer Skin and hair
  • Less soap is used
  • Less scale and scum Build-up
  • Fewer Stains
  • Better tasting water
  • Most of all better protection for your appliances, plumbing fixtures, plumbing pipes, counter tops, showers, skin, and hair.

How is a water softener installed and how much does it cost?
The Installation process can vary, depending whether your home was plumbed with what is called a soft water loop. Typically, if your home was frequently built this would be option that would be discussed with the builder. When a soft water loop is pre-plumbed into a home it makes the installation a quick and easy process. If a loop is not present On The Way Plumbing can always retro-fit your plumbing system to add a water softener. The cost of a water softener can vary due to the many things to consider, size of the home, pool or no pool, how many people live in the home, location of the machine, is there a soft water loop or is additional work required to install a water softener.

On The Way Plumbing has an experienced Tucson Plumber that can provide you with many different options when considering a water softener. Give us a call at 520-829-9842 to schedule a consultation.

Tucson Water Softener Installation