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24/7 Plumbing Service in Tucson AZ
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Leak Detection Tucson – Water Leak Detection Services


When you’ve got a leak, you can’t afford to wait, and you can’t afford to guess

Any water leak can create thousands of dollars of damage in your home. Don’t try to make guesses. Call us at On The Way plumbing for professional water leak detection Tucson. Whether your leak is a result of Tucson’s seasonal torrential rains or are the result of a plumbing failure, we’re here to help. 

Our leak detection technology is non-invasive, relying on high-tech infrared imaging to deliver fantastic results. 

Catch the problem early, save more money, endure fewer headaches

It’s important for every homeowner to know the signs of a plumbing leak. Signs of a leak could include:

  • The unexplained sound of running water anywhere in your home.
  • Unexpected water in your yard, around the house, or on the floor.
  • Discoloration on your walls or ceilings.
  • High water bills.
  • Damp carpets.
  • A damp or “musty” smell.
  • Mold growth.
  • Dripping exposed pipes. Small leaks on exposed pipes may point to larger leaks in the walls.
  • Unexplained wet floors, especially around sinks, dishwasher, fridges, or toilets.
  • If you have copper pipes, look for signs of discoloration on exposed pipes. This is an early warning sign that a leak has occurred, or that a leak is on the way. Discoloration tells you the pipe is starting to corrode away. 

There’s a good chance you will not be able to find the leak on your own. We use high-tech infrared leak detectors to figure out which of your pipes is causing the problems. We’ve seen homeowners actively dismiss these signs and symptoms because they walk all over the house, checking faucets, unable to find anything wrong. 9 times out of 10 the problem is concealed within the walls or inside of attic crawlspaces, where the naked eye can’t find them. Water leaks can also occur under your slab, where they can become particularly pernicious. 

Our technology means we don’t have to rip up large portions of your wall to get to the problem. We can carefully cut away a portion of the drywall to get access to the problematic pipe. Then we can perform a repair or replacement as necessary. 


What happens if you don’t address plumbing leaks quickly?

Early detection is the key to keeping your home in great shape. If you don’t respond to suspected leaks quickly, there are several consequences you’ll have to worry about.

  • Structural rot. Water leaks can threaten the wooden frame of your house. You may not see the wood, but it’s there, supporting your walls and your roof.
  • Pooling water and damp patches make a breeding ground for termites and mold. Again, both will attack the wooden structure of your home.
  • Discoloration can begin showing up on your drywall, including on the ceiling.
  • Huge wet spots can appear in your yard, trashing your landscaping and wasting water.
  • A leak in your attic can become especially catastrophic, as the leak will eventually travel through your ceiling to drip directly on top of your head!

If you suspect a leak you need to call us right away. Do not wait! Today’s expensive repair could be tomorrow’s catastrophic issue. Water leaks can even render your home unliveable. 

Remember, homeowner’s insurance is not necessarily going to cover water damage you caused through your own negligence. If you’re waiting because you’re hoping homeowners will pay for everything you might want to re-think that decision. You should also consider the cost of an increased premium or the stress of a cancelled policy. Waiting rarely pays. 

Remember, outdoor leaks are just as serious as indoor leaks

Many homeowners don’t realize they’re responsible for the water lines that run through their yard, not just the water lines inside the four walls of their home.

When these lines leak, you end up paying to create a small lake in your yard. Nobody wants to waste that much water. Left unchecked, your underground plumbing leak will turn your yard into a marsh. Eventually, the water can back up to your foundation, cracking and damaging it. Foundation repairs are some of the most expensive home repairs you’ll ever do.

Outdoor plumbing leaks can also damage driveways and sidewalks. It’s a good idea to have us check your outdoor lines for leaks if you suspect a problem.  

At OTW Plumbing we handle leaks differently!

First, we’re extremely thorough. We don’t simply find a single leak and assume it’s the only leak. We go over your house and yard with a fine-tooth comb to make sure we’ve located every problem. We diagnose before we prescribe. 

Then, we handle the problem ourselves. Did you know many plumbing companies detect leaks, but then hire an outside contractor to see to it that the leak is repaired?

On The Way Plumbing doesn’t just find the problem, we fix the problem. We believe you’ve done your research and you’ve chosen us, not whatever subcontractor we bring in to get the job done. We don’t outsource unless we need a lot of additional help to solve the problem. When that happens, we’re supervising our helpers at every step of the way, because our reputation and goodwill is riding on the job they do.  Call us today if you need leak detection services in Tucson!

Don't let a leak get you down ...  it can cost $$ and cause damage if left not repaired.

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