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Toilet Repair Tucson – Tucson Toilet Installation Services

Toilet Installation

When you gotta go, we’re On The Way

If there’s any plumbing fixture that is 100%, necessary to comfortable, sanitary, modern living, it’s our flush toilets. To paraphrase one old saying, “When the toilet ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Fortunately, we have a lot of options when your toilet goes on the fritz.

Toilet Repair Tucson

Many toilet repairs are relatively simple and inexpensive. Common problems include:

  • Toilets which run constantly. This is an especially nasty problem as it can waste up to 600 gallons of water per day, more than enough to send your water bill into the stratosphere.
  • Clogging. If you’ve ever stood ankle deep in toilet water because of a clog you can’t dislodge with a plunger, you’ll know why having an outstanding emergency plumber on call is a great idea.
  • Toilets which aren’t powerful enough to flush properly.
  • Double-flushing.
  • Leaky toilets. Cracked or broken toilets can flood the whole house and may swiftly become a plumbing emergency. Don’t take chances, even if the crack seems to be relatively small. Small cracks have a habit of becoming big cracks relatively quickly.

Often, you’ll save enough on your water bill to pay for the cost of the repair, so don’t be afraid to call us!

In fact, sometimes you can save even more on your water bill simply by allowing us to swap out that older toilet for a newer, more water-efficient model, something we can generally do for $300 to $500, depending upon the model chosen.

Toilet Replacement in Tucson

If your toilet is old enough, it may be wasting an incredible amount of water. Older models send 3.6 gallons of water racing down your drain every time you touch the flushing mechanism. Newer models do the same job on 1.6 gallons of water. Consider how often you and your family members flush the toilets, and consider how that might be contributing to your current water bill. You probably have one of these water hogs if your toilet was installed at any time prior to 1994.

We’ve been able to save many homeowners up to $200 a year on their water bills. Much depends on your current utility rates and usage patterns, as well as the number of people living in your house. Nevertheless, most people can think of great things to do with that money besides literally flushing it into the sewers.

Toilet replacements are rarely very costly. We offer a fair price on an upgrade which will pay for itself. Newer model toilets can last for up to a century with very few issues. Ironically, quite a few of them offer improved flushing power over older models, which means you may not have to deal with the kinds of clogs and backflow issues you dealt with in the past. 

You’ve also got an incredible range of options which simply did not exist in the past.

Toilet Types

You certainly have the option to choose the standard, gravity flush toilet if you want to. However, we can also offer you a range of far more exciting toilets.

If you’re worried about clogs, pressure assist or vacuum assist toilets can give you peace of mind. If someone in your family tends to overdo it on the toilet paper, then these toilets can be the right ones for you. Wash-down toilets are also good for chronic cloggers.

If you want to save even more water, try a dual-flush toilet. This has two flush settings, one for liquids and one for solids. Solid waste will flush at the normal 1.6 gallons per flush, but liquids will flush at a much lower rate. This will give you an even greater savings on your water bill. You’ll also feel good knowing you’re doing what you can to preserve Tucson’s water supply. It’s a win-win.

Our Favorite Toilet Brands

Toilet style isn’t the only thing that matters. Toilet brands make a difference, too.

Typically, we recommend American Standard toilets above every other brand out there. They offer superior performance at a fair price. They also offer the most accessibility when it comes to parts. They literally standardize every part. The likelihood that we won’t be able to find a part for your toilet later is low.

In fact, if you have an American Standard toilet in your house right now we can probably find the parts for a simple repair with no problem. This is not true for every toilet brand, which is one reason we tend to recommend simply replacing other toilet brands in favor of a more efficient model. Sometimes the cost of finding discontinued or foreign parts exceeds the cost of simply installing a brand new, reliable American Standard.

Toilet Tips

There’s no real way to put this delicately, but there are only two things that should go in the toilet: the waste that comes out of your body and the toilet paper you use to wipe up the remnants of said waste.

flushable wet wipe, clearly marked as such, is okay too, especially if you have newer toilets. Use them at your own risk with older toilets. You’ll find these in the toilet paper section. Please distinguish these from baby wipes, which are thicker, and which are found in the baby section. Attempting to flush a baby wipe will typically result in a huge clog.

We’ve seen people dump food, grease, cigarette butts, dental floss, sanitary napkins, and all manner of other items down the toilet. We’re not sure what compels people to do this, but it’s not a good idea. It can break your toilet. It can also break your sewer lines, a plumbing mess that’s guaranteed to give you a bad day.

Once we install your shiny new toilet or repair your existing toilet do what you can to make sure everyone in your family understands this. It’s the best way to ensure your toilet continues to do what it needs to do without further interference from us.


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