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Gas Line Repair Tucson – Gas Line Replacement in Tucson, AZ


Here in Tucson homeowners commonly run into a big problem with their gas lines. Typically, these lines run underneath the slab of the home. If you dug down there you’d find a slim metal pipe, one which eventually simply deteriorates.

When that happens, a gas smell or other sign of a gas leak prompts the gas company to come out and do a drop test. You might even call them out yourself (see below). 

At that point, they shut the gas supply down to preserve the safety of the homeowners, and of the neighborhood. At this point, the gas company will create some confusion by telling the homeowners they must get the problem “repaired.”

Unfortunately, there is almost no way to repair these gas lines back up to code. Keep in mind the gas company must inspect the system before they’ll put the gas back on. Usually, repairs are insufficient. 9 times out of 10, you’re going to have to get a replacement.

This isn’t great news to most homeowners. Few people want to hear that we’re going to have to dig up their slab and replace the entire gas line system. Homeowners will always ask us if there’s some way around it. Unfortunately, there is not…and you don’t want to settle for a make-shift repair when it comes to dealing with something that can explode anyway.

We’re telling you all this up front, now, because we’ve seen plumbing companies which will go ahead and make a “repair,” then allow the gas company to say it’s a no-go, only to upsell the customer on a replacement at that point. The customer pays twice…and does without the gas lines that supply nearly every appliance in their home for weeks.

We’d just as soon tell you the bad news now. That way, you pay once, and you get the use of your gas lines back that much faster. 

You also need to think of the health of the entire system. Do you want to replace a single pipe today, only to find out you need to dig up your entire slab all over again three months from now because a different pipe has failed? If one pipe fails all of them are due for a failure. You might as well take care of the entire problem at once. 

Why Gas Lines Go Bad

Your metal gas lines are like any other metal component…they can rust, corrode, and eventually rupture. When you’ve got an older gas line system this is the most likely cause of a gas line failure. 

Shoddy workmanship is the second reason why gas lines go bad, and is the most likely culprit if you have a problem with newer lines. This is one reason why it is so incredibly important to get your gas lines replaced by a plumber you trust. 

Properly installed black steel gas lines should last up to 75 years. This means if you must call us for a gas line replacement you can trust that, barring an earthquake or some other unusual event, you should not have to call us out to deal with a gas line leak again in your life time. 

Of course, we don’t want you to take our word for it. Check our reviews. Do your homework before you let any plumbing company touch your gas lines. You’ve already gotten unlucky once. Don’t let it happen a second time just because you’re hoping to save a couple of pennies.

The Signs of a Gas Line Leak - Gas Line Repair Tucson

It’s incredibly important for every homeowner to know the signs of a gas line leak. They can be incredibly dangerous. Look for the following:

  • A rotten egg smell
  • Discolored or dead vegetation near the pipeline, or over the pipeline
  • Hissing, whistling, or roaring sounds near gas appliances or pipelines.
  • Dirt or debris blown into the air.
  • Bubbles in streams, ponds, or wet areas.
  • Flames (when a leak ignites).

If you experience any of these issues get out of the house and call the gas company immediately. If you can’t get the gas company on the phone call 911 instead. Find somewhere safe to be. Remove your children and your pets from your home.

Avoid turning on any electrical appliances and leave your gas valve alone. You also want to avoid using your telephone, cell phone, garage door openers or flashlights. Do not start your vehicles. Basically, if it makes a spark you want to avoid using it at all costs.

Explosions aren’t the only source of danger. Gas line leaks are also a source of carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember, CO is colorless, odorless, and utterly deadly. Gas leaks are nothing to take chances with. We recommend installing CO monitors inside of your home after a gas line replacement just to stay on the safe side.  

Yes, the repair could get expensive and yes, there’s a chance you’re going to have to pay for a gas line replacement. However, your life does depend on you responding quickly and correctly. 

Gas line work is never a DIY affair. For your own safety, this job should be left up to a licensed plumber whom you trust. Remember, we offer emergency service on nights, weekends, and holidays. If you need help with your gas lines, we will be there, guaranteed.  

Our first step will be to locate the leak. Then we’ll have to dig down to the line and replace it. We’ll test the new line to ensure it’s in tip-top shape, then we’ll clean up and help you get your gas company inspection so life can get back to normal just as quickly as possible. Each of our replacements are done at the proper size to render them up to code so you shouldn’t have any trouble with the inspection.

New Gas Line Installation in Tucson, AZ

Remodeling a home? Building a brand-new home from the ground up?

Yes, we do install new gas line systems. We do it right the first time to prevent a nasty surprise later. We want you to enjoy your new home, and that means being able to cook, run your appliances, and get a steady supply of hot water.

We run the highest-quality lines to maximize their lifespan. You’ll find our work passes the city permitting process the first time. Don’t take chances! Improper installation is the number one source of gas line problems in newer lines. 

We offer a 5-year gas line warranty, essentially one of the strongest in the industry. This means you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

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