24/7 Plumbing Service in Tucson AZ  - Call:  (520) 829-9842


24/7 Plumbing Service in Tucson AZ
Call:  (520) 829-9842

Emergency Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumbing Tucson

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Evenings, weekends, holidays—pipes don’t really care what’s going on in our lives when they decide to break. Toilets do have a knack for picking the worst possible time to overflow, and drains have been known to clog just in time for company to arrive.

Don’t stress. Call OTW Plumbing. We’ll get to you promptly and offer a free estimate. 

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We’ve seen every type of plumbing emergency you can imagine. We’re adept at fixing the problem quickly so you can get on with your life. This includes water leaks, sewage leaks, slab leaks and water heater emergencies.

Here are just a few of the situations we’ve dealt with over the years.

3 AM, A Toilet Fails

A cracked toilet can flood the house in a matter of moments. Julie, one of our customers had been relying on a different plumber. This one had botched a toilet repair just a month prior, leaving a hairline crack in the bowl that he never noticed. She sat down in the middle of the night only to hear a pop and a whoosh as the hairline crack became a great, big, giant unexpected crack. She had a puddle of cold water at her feet in no time at all.

There’s nothing more emotionally distressing than toilet water outside of the toilet, even if nothing has soiled it yet. Poor Julie was freaking out and of course could not get her old plumber to pick up the phone.

She called us instead, frantically throwing down towels and sheets as the water flooded throughout her house.

We directed her to turn off the water supply. Then Sergio pulled on his galoshes and waded in. We replaced the toilet with a brand-new model while she mopped up the water. There was still some water damage, but nothing her insurance company couldn’t take care of. The whole problem was dealt with by 7 AM, at which point we’re sure Julie went and took a nice long shower so her skin wouldn’t be crawling when she got on the phone with her insurance agent.

Needless to say, we’ve been going back to her house for years now just to do routine maintenance. She knows we’re going to be there for her no matter what. 

Saturday Water Line Apocalypse

Dan was doing some yard work one sunny Saturday when he got a little too enthusiastic with his shovel. He’d planned to spend his day getting some plants in the ground. Instead, he had to call us because he broke one of his water lines. His wife immediately noticed the loss in water pressure. Meanwhile, his yard was turning into a swampy mess.

Fortunately, Dan called us. Sergio was out there in a flash, working to get the line dug up and replaced. This was a long emergency job, but it was one we were happy to do. We had the family ready to take decent showers again by the time the late evening rolled around. Dan’s water bill was probably a little nightmarish that month, but it would have been a lot worse if he’d had to wait until Monday to get a plumber on the phone. 

Thanksgiving Water Heater Malfunction

Ariel was expecting 7 guests in her home for the Thanksgiving holiday. She’d meticulously planned her décor and her menu.

Imagine her panic when she discovered she wasn’t getting hot water late Tuesday night, the night before her guests were scheduled to arrive.

A house full of frigid water is no fun any time of year, of course. Nobody loves taking cold showers. But Ariel couldn’t imagine subjecting her guests to such discomforts. Fortunately, she was a long-time customer of ours and already knew she could call OTW Plumbing.

We arrived late that night and worked well into the morning, repairing the water heater which had decided to go on strike. We were able to give her a great holiday, and she was able to get another year and a half out of the old water heater. Since we’d told her the water heater was on its last legs and about how long it would last she was able to settle in and save up for our next visit without having to face another cold-water nightmare. 

Incidentally she’d also been neglecting her regular hot water heater maintenance. We educated her about how often she should have one of us come out to take care of routine tasks so she wouldn’t be caught by surprise like that ever again.

Friday Night Sewer Line Collapse

Sewer lines get old like anything else does, and from time to time they collapsed, as Chloe discovered one late Friday night.

Of course, she didn’t know why foul-smelling water was suddenly backing up into her bathtub. She just knew it was a HUGE problem she wanted us to fix yesterday. OTW Plumbing to the rescue.

It took a bit of time to diagnose the problem, but once we did we had to deliver the bad news…those sewer lines were going to have to be replaced. Fortunately, homeowner’s insurance helped her cover the replacement.

It wasn’t easy to be out there digging up sewer lines with a flashlight in the dead of night, but that’s what it was going to take to make Chloe’s house inhabitable again. We’re happy to report that the mess got cleaned up, the lines are fine, and Chloe survived the experience.

No Problem Too Big, No Problem Too Small

It doesn’t matter whether your plumbing emergency seems to be a small, minor survivable issue like Ariel’s hot water heater or a big, crazy, distressing emergency like the one Chloe faced. We are here to help, and we will come out at any time, day or night, with a smile on our faces. 

We’ll give you our emergency fee over the phone (it varies depending on your location, when you’re calling, and more). We’ll also come out, look at the problem, and give you an honest estimate of what it’s going to take to fix your problem. Assuming you agree to let us handle things, we’ll get to work and get you back on your feet right away.

Just call our emergency line at (520) 829-9842

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