24/7 Plumbing Service in Tucson AZ  - Call:  (520) 829-9842


24/7 Plumbing Service in Tucson AZ
Call:  (520) 829-9842

Drain Cleaning Tucson – Repair & Replacement Services


Got clogged drains in Tucson? Water damage could be next!

Dirty pipes and clogged drains can cause severe flooding throughout your home. Don’t wait for clogged drains to cause thousands of dollars of water damage in your home.

Remember, every drain flows into your main sewer line. An unpleasant smell could be your first warning things are starting to go wrong. Every drain has a U-trap, literally a bit of piping shaped like a U that is designed to hold a constant reservoir of water. This keeps sewer gas out of your drains. The moment those drains become clogged, however, you get a nasty smell that’s a prelude to a big mess. If you’re smelling that smell, it’s time to call, even if you haven’t seen any water backlogs yet.

Call the Tucson plumber who cares!  Call On The Way Plumbing!

Your Tucson Drain Cleaning Done Right the First Time

We run the proper cutters when we clean your drains in Tucson. This may seem like a minor technicality, but it’s vital to ensuring your drains get the very best service. Other plumbers tend to run cutters which are too small. When they do this, they loosen a portion of the clog, but they don’t get rid of the whole thing.

What a headache! Now you’re going to end up having to call them back. You’ll pay their minimum hourly rate charge again. You’ll have to deal with flooding again. Hey, we’re not saying they have ulterior motives, we’re just saying using the right tool for the task saves you a lot of money and reduces the number of hassles you have to deal with. And really, don’t you have to deal with enough hassles?

Those who do have ulterior motives will even try to upsell you on digging up all your pipes and replacing everything. These companies prey on the homeowners who expect them to be the experts.

Well, we’re taking a stand. No upselling, no bull. We just get the right blade the first time and run it through your drains. You’ll get another two to three years out of your drains that way, because we’re going to open them right up to their full diameter. It’s all about matching the diameter of the blade to the diameter of the pipe. It’s not that hard. Our competitors have absolutely zero excuses for failing to do the same!

How do you know we’re telling the truth? We back this work with a 3o-day warranty. If a problem is going to show up it’s going to show up within 30 days. If you experience another leak, we’ll come out and do the job again, for free this time.

We feel pretty confident about providing this warranty because we’ve never had to go back to another home.  Not even once.

Don’t you want that kind of peace of mind when you call a plumber?

Hydro-Jetting: Move Along, Debris! 

It’s not enough to break a clog. You want nice, clean pipes by the time we leave your house.

That’s why we use hydro-jetting. We send a blast of high-pressure water down your pipes and drains, washing away scale, silt, sand, grease build-up, and even roots. These heavy-duty power-nozzles leave nothing to chance, ensuring we send every last speck of mess to the sewers where it belongs. Our hydro-jet technology is more powerful even than your average firehose, breaking debris apart, pushing it along, and getting it out of your life for good.

It’s like treating yourself to a set of fresh, brand new pipes, without all the expense.

Video Inspections

How do we know we’ve got your pipes clean as a whistle?

We look, that’s how. We look prior to doing the work so we can make sure there aren’t any surprises down there, and we look after we’ve done the work to make sure we’ve solved the problem before we leave your property.

We bring a fiber-optic camera on-site to inspect sewer lines and all your other pipes too. This lets us determine the condition of your pipes so we know your drains are fixed before we leave your house. Digital line-locating technology ensures we do not miss a thing.

Doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of our high-tech solutions?

Don’t Reach for Over the Counter Drain Cleaners!

Over the counter drain cleaners such as Drain-O will not help you safely remove whatever is clogging your drain in Tucson. These caustic chemicals are more likely to get trapped, damaging your drain and making it harder (and more expensive) for us to do our jobs. Trust us, nine times out of ten you’re going to end up having to call us anyway. Drain-O is not the answer.

Imagine, if you will, that a tree root is the source of the problem. You could go outside and dump a gallon of drain cleaner on top of a tree root, but you wouldn’t expect the drain cleaner to remove the root. Drain cleaner is also extremely ineffective against grease, which is the #1 agent we find clogging most people’s drains.

We understand you’re trying to save money. We recommend you save the money with our fair estimates instead. You should at least investigate our quotes before you start handling dangerous chemicals. You might be pleasantly surprised, and we’ll be happy the drains backed up with one big chemical mess.   

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