• Why It’s Time to Give Up Blue Toilet Tablets

    May 22, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • They seem like a dream product… Just drop a little tablet into the toilet tank and boom. You don’t have to pick up a toilet brush again for months. And the water turns bright blue, so you know the bowl is extra clean.

    There’s only one problem…

    Those blue toilet tablets are damaging your toilet. The more you use them, the more you’re opening yourself up to major toilet leaks, inconvenient, middle-of-the-night toilet emergencies and flushing problems. Blue toilet tablets save you a little effort today only to create a lot of work and expenses for you tomorrow.

    Here’s why: those little tablets are full of caustic chemicals, and the water in the tank does very little to dilute their strength. If it did, they wouldn’t have as much cleaning power as they do. Because that’s one thing I won’t argue… They do keep your toilet bowl clean.

    They just do it at the cost of eroding your gaskets, seals, flappers, and any other part of the toilet made from metal, plastic, or rubber. Open your tank and you’ll see quite a few pieces that meet all three descriptions.

    There’s also a seal at the base of your toilet that keeps the water from leaking out of your toilet at the base. It also prevents sewage smell from wafting into your bathroom (which is something nobody in their right mind wants).

    The problem gets even worse if you’re using these tablets on, say, a guest bathroom that nobody ever really uses. The chemicals just sit there, eating away at the toilets inner workings. This also means the toilet will malfunction at the worst possible time: when your Mom or best friend from out of town happens to be sitting on it.

    You might be wondering why these products are still available on store shelves in spite of the problems they cause. I have no idea. Drain-O’s still on the market too, and no plumber has ever accused Drain-O of being a really good idea. We hate the stuff. You’re just going to have to be a wise consumer and avoid them for yourself.

    Putting blue toilet tablets into a toilet voids most manufacturer’s warranties. And while you rarely need the warranty if you’ve installed a good, solid American Standard toilet, it’s still not a good idea to void it just to save yourself a little time and effort.

    Sometimes, there’s just no such thing as an easy out. You’re simply going to have to commit to cleaning your toilet bowl the old-fashioned way: with a toilet bowl cleaner, rubber gloves, and a scrub brush. It’s a once-a-week task that takes just a few short minutes. Taking the time could save you thousands of dollars.

    If you find the task distasteful you can always wash your hands later!