• Why It’s So Important to Get a Second Opinion

    February 27, 2017 | Blog | admin
  • People who have lived in their homes for a long time tend to build a good relationship with plumbers they trust. This is the kind of trust we hope to inspire…we want to be your plumbers for life.

    However, if you haven’t developed this relationship yet it’s a good idea to take what you’re being told with a grain of salt. There are a lot of plumbers out there who are either somewhat bad at their job, or who are simply out to wring every last dime out of every last job.

    A $5000 Barbie?

    I got a call from a homeowner who was very upset. Her shower was clogging up. She’d called another local plumber and he’d told her the repair would cost $5000; he was, he said, going to have to smash up her shower, redo all the pipes beneath said shower, and then put it all back together again.

    I told her I’d have a look. It was possible all that work was needed, but my gut told me there was a simpler solution.

    When I got there, I noticed the shower had a wide drain, and the drain cover wasn’t securely attached. It moved around, which meant there was a good chance something had slipped down the drain…something that the pipes couldn’t handle.

    Sure enough, I located one of her daughter’s Barbie dolls inside the drain, looking pretty bad after her long incarceration inside of a shower drain. The Barbie alone hadn’t been enough to cause the clog, but add some hair and what you had was a solid plug preventing much of anything from getting through the pipes.

    As soon as the Barbie was gone, the problem was fixed…a $175 job, instead of a $5000 one.

    Going to a Plumber is Like Going to a Mechanic

    We’ve all heard of “shade tree” mechanics…individuals who rely on your ignorance about the inner workings of your car to sell services and parts you don’t need, or to charge exorbitant, unfair labor prices.

    Most homeowners don’t really understand plumbing either. You’ve got to beware of people who are out to take advantage of that.

    If you don’t like the number and assessment you’re hearing, then always call someone to take a second look. If both plumbers say the same thing, then you can choose which plumber you want to work with.

    You can even do it if you don’t like what we’re telling you. We won’t be offended… We already know we’re not giving you any untrue information. We have never needed to mislead a homeowner to build our business. We just hope once you confirm our assessment you’ll consider working with us. And we hope eventually we’ll earn enough of your trust to ensure you don’t have to seek out those second opinions any longer.

    But we’re willing to wait until you make that decision for yourself, and we’re willing to earn your business by exercising the utmost integrity in the meantime.