• Water Heater Installation

  • Because living without hot water is practically unbearable

    Suddenly learning your house is out of hot water is no fun at all. If you’re facing the prospect of a cold shower call On The Way plumbing right away. We’ll help you repair or replace your water heater.

    Don’t forget we offer 24-hour emergency service, which means we can take care of your hot water heater even if it breaks on an evening, weekend, or holiday.

    Helping You Choose the Right Water Heater Replacement

    Most water heaters only have 6 to 12 years of life in them. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to replace yours. Some plumbers will try to upsell you on the most expensive model they can find, but we aren’t impressed by those bells and whistles. The most expensive water heaters don’t last any longer than the good, solid Ruud models we offer and install. Some of them offer a lifespan that’s considerably shorter than the Ruud. 

    Meanwhile, more expensive water heaters offer a bunch of features that don’t impact their primary function, such as LED indicator lights. Do you spend a great deal of time staring at your hot water heater? Do you want to? Of course not. So, there’s no need to pay an additional $1,000 just to give yourself that capability.

    Easy to Maintain, Easy to Repair

    We choose the Ruud models because their parts are readily available. They also offer a superior design which makes them incredibly easy to maintain and repair. If you continue to call us out for regular maintenance the typical Ruud will easily perform for all 12 years of its expected lifespan. 

    In fact, Ruud models are so reliable we rarely hear about them after we install them. Homeowners simply don’t call us for repairs, even if they neglect their regular maintenance. Given our 90% retention rate we know this is because the Ruud just sits there quietly doing its job, and not because the homeowner is going to other plumbers. In fact, we’ve had these same homeowners contact us about other issues, and we’ve had a chance to ask about the water heater while we were there. Most everyone says, “It works great.”

    Protected by a Fantastic Warranty

    Here at On The Way Plumbing we always warranty our parts and labor to begin with. But the Ruud takes our warranty a step further. They are protected by a 6-year manufacturer warranty, which means you will get the minimum lifespan out of your water heater no matter what. If something goes horribly wrong the manufacturer will cover the cost of solving the problem.

    And if you must purchase a new hot water heater anyway, that’s definitely the level of peace-of-mind you want to see. Combine that with our 1-year parts and labor warranty and you’ll soon see how neatly you’ll be protected by choosing to call us for your water heater replacement.  

    Maintaining Your Water Heater

    Just because we know these old reliable models can handle a little neglect doesn’t mean we recommend it. We’re still going to tell you to schedule an annual check-up with us. That means checking the flame and flushing the lines. Remember, Tucson has a serious hard water problem. Build-up can cause your hot water heater to malfunction. It just makes sense to get a professional cleaning.

    Do not try to perform regular maintenance yourself. Hot water heaters are dangerous to work with if you’re not licensed and fully trained. They can literally explode. Obviously, we will tell you to steer clear of DIY repairs for that reason as well, no matter how many DIY sites out there try to sell you on the idea that fixing your hot water heater is a straightforward, simple affair. It should go without saying that you should never, ever try to waltz down to a big box store and pick up a hot water heater to install by yourself.

    Water heater maintenance is very inexpensive. Usually we can get that done for around $90. It’s well worth it, considering the cost of a new hot water heater is often about $1000 (call us for a free, individualized quote). 

    Proper maintenance can more than double the lifespan of your water heater. That alone makes it worth it…unless you’re particularly excited about installing a new one faster than you otherwise would have to.

    Why We Don’t Recommend Tankless Water Heaters

    Several years ago, tankless water heaters were all the rage, but we simply do not stand by them. We’ve found they fail to live up to their promises when it comes to the amount of money they are supposed to save. They also aren’t nearly as water efficient as they claim to be. In fact, one research study found these water heaters would fall apart from old age before they saved enough energy to justify their increased cost. Considering a tankless model can cost up to $5000, we’re inclined to agree. 

    While we could let you just tell us what you want and pocket a tidy profit our own sense of integrity won’t allow us to do that. We’re going to tell you straight up that you’re wasting your money instead. You could probably take a nice vacation on the $4000 you’ll save.

    Furthermore, they’re complicated to install, requiring us to start tinkering with your plumbing and electrical systems. The typical home is simply not set up to accept them. That means they become even more expensive. Yikes. 

    We’ll keep watching innovations in the water heater market, of course. If we see something better than the Ruud then we’ll start recommending that instead. But for now, you can feel good knowing we’ve poured hours of time and energy into locating the best water heaters on the market for you.


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  • Reviews from our clients

    More affordable & better warranty

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    On The Way Plumbing has done several different jobs for me. My water heater broke down on a Sunday, Sergio from on the way plumbing came out and gave me a very competitive quote, I referenced it with my neighbor who had theirs replaced a while back. It was not only more affordable but came with a better warranty. I was most impressed with their cleanliness and good customer service. I will recommend them to my friends and family.

    Definately use this plumber

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    We used this plumber for our home inspection when purchasing our home. We also used the realtors recommended plumber. On The Way Plumbing services were much more thorough than the other plumbers inspection. Sergio took the time to explain everything and give us quotes for work that needed to be done. He responded quickly and efficiently to each question we had. Sergio was on time too!!!! We have never gotten that from other plumbers. We will definately use this plumber for all of our future plumbing needs.

    Clean work

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    Great job OTW Plumbing!!! Thanks for your great service,and clean work.